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6 reasons to work with the Workplace Innovation Platform

  • 06.12.2022

The primary purpose of technological innovations is to improve efficiency by using less effort. The group of meanings of the word "innovation" gives us key words: novelty, development, and change. Innovations developed specifically for the workplace address existing problems and provide innovative solutions that lead to novelty, development, and change.

When talking about innovation, new products and services come to mind. However, innovation also affects the change in your processes. By integrating with current technology, meeting changing customer demands and needs, mastering improved industrial methods, and increasing innovation with more effective systems and process management, you can increase the competitiveness of your business. You should support the success of your innovations by aligning your business partners, staff, and yourself on a common goal.

What is the Workplace Innovation Platform?

The Workplace Innovation Platform is a platform for integrating innovations into your business, first announced at the 2018 FileMaker Devcon. Claris FileMaker, a subsidiary of Apple, has proven to be a workplace innovation platform that allows you to easily integrate innovations. As a company with the power of one of the world's largest companies, FileMaker brings people and technology together in the digital world where Microsoft and Linux servers dominate, increasing the speed and efficiency of processes such as manual paper processes that waste people's time, electronic tables, and repetitive management and operational tasks.

Claris FileMaker partner Cabitaş Engineering is with you to increase your productivity through technology integration with the Workplace Innovation Platform. Cabitaş brings you together with user-friendly interfaces and solutions that can be used by staff from all departments. Our adaptable and powerful applications prevent classic syntax errors and enable businesses to keep up with rapidly changing business needs.

With the Workplace Innovation Platform, different teams and departments in your business can share information in real time on any device, strengthening communication, shortening processes, and reducing disruptions.

It also allows users to adopt evolving technologies with flexibility without the complexity of traditional development and integration.


1. Let's solve complicated problems that slow down your processes.

With our Claris FileMaker Pro Workplace Innovation Platform, which offers strong automation options, take action now to overcome the problems that slow you down!


2. Accelerate processes and minimize errors in planning within your organization.

If manual tools such as spreadsheets cause time loss, cost increases, data loss, and errors, say goodbye to Excel and hello to a custom digital planning solution to strengthen communication between departments, speed up processes, and minimize errors.


3. Let's streamline your inventory management system to address supply chain issues.

Effective inventory management is crucial for dealing with supply chain issues, changes in customer demand, and rapid price changes. Access to real-time data is required to improve inventory accuracy and help control costs. Trust Cabitaş Engineering's Workplace Innovation Platform solutions to create data-driven, streamlined processes.


4.Let's help digitize workflows and assist team members in coordinating and collaborating.

Don't get lost among pages of documents, manager notes, inter-team development suggestions, and similar papers. By digitizing workflows, we can help increase the productivity of your employees.


5. Let us help you integrate with the programs you use frequently.

With Claris Connect, we can increase your speed by integrating multiple applications into your workflow for the automation of your organization.


6. To improve data accuracy in sales, marketing, and customer service, let us move you away from manual entry and tracking methods with a digital CRM solution.

Through Claris Studio, analyze the data you have and improve marketing power with easy access to communication information, faster routing, and management of processes such as campaign notifications by increasing trust in this information.


The above usage scenarios are some of the innovative solutions supported by Claris. Implement workplace innovation at your organization with powerful applications on the Claris platform. For licensing, training, and consulting support, we are with you as Cabitaş Engineering.

As a Claris Turkey Solution Partner, Cabitaş Engineering offers training, consulting, and custom FileMaker software development services on the Claris platform. In addition, as a solution partner, Cabitaş Engineering brings you together with Claris solution partners based on your region or industry.

Do you need support? You can contact us through the contact form.

If you are developing a solution on the Claris platform, you can contact us to join our solution partner pool.

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6 reasons to work with the Workplace Innovation Platform

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