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5 Opportunities That Claris FileMaker Pro Training Can Bring to You

  • 29.12.2022

Claris FileMaker is a low code application development platform developed by Apple. With the ease of use that Apple has brought to the industry and the platform's more than 30 years of experience, it offers a "pro" level "low code" platform. Enhance yourself and grow your company with Claris FileMaker professional training. In the professional process, you understand your needs best, which allows you to develop custom solutions for yourself or your company faster without intermediaries.

What is the Claris FileMaker platform? How can you get Claris FileMaker training? You can get more detailed information about the platform and our trainings on our page.

What benefits can the Claris FileMaker platform offer you?
  1. Manage your business processes with digitalization.
    We repeatedly find Peter Drucker's quote "You can't control what you can't measure, you can't manage what you can't control" to be true when evaluating the outputs of our software projects. Measuring and controlling are very important to scale a business or increase profitability. With the applications you will develop with the Claris FileMaker platform, you can create a measurable and manageable system on your own.
  2. Create the software you need exactly.
    Many package software does not care about what you consider to be necessary, and in fact, it has to be this way due to its structure. Since the audience it targets is much more general, it tries to find solutions by focusing on general rules and general needs. However, this will not usually be sufficient for you. You are in a dilemma. Either you have to invest in more comprehensive ERP applications for years or try to solve your business with a simple package software. The more comprehensive the application, the higher the usage, cost, and personnel needs will be. When you look at the essence of the matter, many of your needs can be met with much simpler applications that can be managed by fewer personnel. With the Claris FileMaker platform, you can produce software solutions that meet your needs exactly.
  3. Get rid of Excel spreadsheets.
    Excel spreadsheets are widely used in businesses. However, as the business grows, the use of Excel becomes more complicated and time-consuming. In addition, there is a high risk of human error and data security in Excel. With the Claris FileMaker platform, you can get rid of Excel spreadsheets and use a more efficient and secure database. Moreover, with external database access facilities, you can integrate it with accounting software such as Logo, Mikro, Netsiz, Zirve, Eta or ERP software such as SAP, IFS, Canias, Axapta.
  4. Do not depend on external custom software.
    Many businesses manage and follow their work according to their own DNA, and each sector and company has its own jargon and methods of doing business. It can be one of the most difficult tasks to explain this to a programmer or company outside the company. One of the significant reasons for the large failure of custom software development projects is this. In the end, either a software that does not meet the needs is used or the effort and budget allocated to the project are wasted. With the Claris Platform, you can develop solutions that fit your needs exactly without having to code yourself, without needing a programmer or software company.
  5. New career opportunities.
    Being able to effectively use the Claris FileMaker platform will add value to you and your workplace. Developing digital solutions that are used throughout the company, starting with small applications that increase productivity, is possible with the Claris Platform. The Claris Platform is a Swiss army knife for your career, allowing you to easily develop applications that solve current needs without having to code.
How long does the Claris FileMaker training take? At what levels is the Claris FileMaker training given?
  • You can get to know FileMaker with Claris FileMaker training for 1 month at the beginner level.
  • With our intermediate/advanced level Claris FileMaker training, you can develop your FileMaker skills for 1 month and enrich your project.
  • With Advanced level Claris FileMaker training, you can make top-level developments for 3 months, write scripts and master shortcuts.
  • With Corporate/Private Claris FileMaker training, you can determine custom solutions for your company together and provide training for your team.

For detailed information about Claris FileMaker Training, please visit our FileMaker Training page. In addition, we also publish our Free FileMaker Training on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to follow our Free Mini FileMaker training. Follow us on social media to stay informed about our Claris FileMaker events.

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5 Opportunities That Claris FileMaker Pro Training Can Bring to You

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