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Claris FileMaker Licensing

Why should I do annual FileMaker licensing? What are multi-year licensing options? How do the different Claris FileMaker licensing options affect my use and solutions of FileMaker?

Claris Filemaker Licence
Claris FileMaker Licensing

It is important for your company to determine the most suitable FileMaker licensing option for your needs as it is one of the long-term infrastructure investment decisions. The most frequently asked questions are about which Claris FileMaker licensing option is the right one. The answer to licensing questions should be evaluated specifically for each situation, taking into account factors such as company structure, number of users, and usage habits, so that the exact FileMaker licensing model you need can be determined.

We have prepared this article to explain various licensing options. A brief summary of general concepts will provide you with general information, and if you want more detailed information, you can contact us directly by phone or email.

As a Claris FileMaker Turkey solution partner, Cabitaş also provides FileMaker licensing services. We are ready to assist you in selecting the right license alternative.

With FileMaker 17, Claris (formerly known as FileMaker) switched to a user licensing model. Essentially, for every user of a solution, you need to purchase a user license. The excellent news is that each user license arrives with a copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced, a connection that lets you to use FileMaker Go and FileMaker WebDirect. Another new feature in the FileMaker user licensing model is that it includes a FileMaker Server license, so you are ready to take full advantage of the FileMaker suite of products. Please note that bulk user licenses start at a minimum of five users and can be increased by one (6, 7, 8, ..., 999) as needed.

There have been no changes to licensing models in Claris FileMaker 18 and Claris FileMaker 19 versions. Discounted FileMaker license prices are available for education and non-profit organizations.

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Claris FileMaker License Options

Licensing Type 1- Annual Volume Licensing Agreement (AVLA)

Annual Volume Licensing Agreement (AVLA) In this type of licensing, a FileMaker licensing system can be considered that operates on a "subscription" basis.

The AVLA enables you to keep your FileMaker license by paying for an annual subscription that provides yearly upgrades from FileMaker. Many users prefer this option due to its lower cost compared to a perpetual license. To continue using the software, it's essential to renew the subscription yearly.

The AVLA is a convenient way to start using FileMaker. Yearly subscriptions are required, with the first subscription being in Year 1 and annual renewals thereafter.

Licensing Type 2- Volume Licensing Agreement (VLA)

You can purchase a single user perpetual license, and you will need to make a new purchase for any new updates that are released. If you have an older version, you can take advantage of the upgrade price according to FM's update policy.

Licensing Type 3- Annual Site License Agreement / Site License Agreement (ASLA / SLA)

Site licensing is a cost-effective option for large user groups, offered as an annual subscription or a perpetual license with a minimum of 25 users. All employees in the organization should be counted as users, even if they don't use FileMaker. Site Licensing can be less expensive than ASLA or VLA, and it includes a minimum of 500 concurrent connections for free in FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect.

Licensing Type 4- Concurrency Connections

Users who do not need FileMaker Pro Advanced can choose to add concurrent connections to their licensing model.

Concurrent connections allow access to FileMaker through Go and FileMaker WebDirect, but must be developed and set up for you. They can be shared with a larger user group like twenty people, but only five can access them at any given time. They are more expensive than user connections and are designed for anonymous users who are not licensed organization users.

Companies planning to provide access to the FileMaker application through WebDirect or FileMaker Server can use concurrent connections. However, if you already have a named user account, you can save money by using the new "user licensing" option instead of concurrent connections. In summary, if you have a named user for your FileMaker desktop solution, you no longer need concurrent connections as it is included in the new versions.

FileMaker Pro 19 Single User License

You can purchase a single user perpetual license, and you will need to make a new purchase for any new updates that are released. If you have an older version, you can take advantage of the upgrade price according to FM's update policy.

If you are still undecided, please contact us and we will recommend the most suitable licensing type for your needs. Let us send you a FileMaker license price offer right away. Take advantage of our special affordable FileMaker license prices for multi-year purchases. Cabitaş Engineering is here for you as the Claris FileMaker Partner!

If you want to learn more about Claris FileMaker licensing options or need further explanation, you can call us at 90 332 241 3500 or send an email to [email protected].

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