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B2U is a systematic program that facilitates customer, product, trade, payment, catalog, and price policy management for your company.

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Do not be left behind with the newly added features with our constantly updated system.
Do not be left behind with the newly added features with our constantly updated system.
Bug Fix
We fixed product search problem.
New Feature
We integrated Yapı Kredi to the Online Payment system.
New Feature
We have added the Current Accounts Module to our system.
B2U - Quick Search

Quick Search

Do you have too many products of your company? With our fast and detailed search system, you can ensure that those who visit your web page can quickly access the product they want.

Warehouse System

By entering warehouse information to your products, you can easily show your customers how long a product is in which warehouse.
B2U - Warehouse System
B2U - Safe System

Safe System

We attach great importance to information security. We store information such as passwords / credit cards by encrypting them. Thus, no one, including our team, can directly access this information.

Online Payment System

With the support of the Online Payment System, you can start receiving payments from your members securely on the internet.
B2U - Online Payment System
B2U - Mobile Compatible Design

Mobile Compatible Design

You can not only adjust the design of your web page according to the computer environment, but also make your web page accessible on all platforms by designing compatible with mobile and tablet devices.

You Can Have All Solutions With One Product!

B2U - Article Module
Article Module

You can easily create your company's About Us, Vision, Mission, Quality Policy, Privacy Policy, Distance Sales Contract and as many pages as you want.

B2U - Slider Module
Slider Module

You can display your products, articles promoting your company and pictures on your page as a slide show.

B2U - Setting Module
Setting Module

You can easily change information with an interface where you can easily change your company's address, telephone, fax, e-mail information, addresses of your social media accounts, Google Analytics, Google Maps.

B2U - Log Module
Log Module

You can get information about the status of your website with an interface where you can see the login records of the members, which products are viewed by the people who visit your website, which products they searched for, and the products that the search results cannot find.

B2U - Product Module
Product Module

The product module gives you the product code of your products, the brand of the manufacturer, the product-specific search code, the base price and the currency, the product-specific price group if desired, the VAT rate, the group to which the product belongs, the number of stocks, the minimum order quantity, the product picture, the visitors of the product. number of products, the option to show the product on the prominent products, the writing of language-based product names and descriptions, and the selection of product bottom and top products.

B2U - Order Module
Order Module

You can see the products, price, shipping information, order note and invoice information of the orders, and easily manage the order preparation, shipping and completion processes. You can even print out the order details easily with the print option.

B2U - Translate Module
Translate Module

If you are an international exporting company, your website may need multi-language support. You can see all the texts on your website in a list and you can easily translate these texts as much as the language you add to your website. You can print a list of all texts without using the interface to translate, and after completing the translation in the output file, you can transfer this file back to your website.

B2U - Admin Module
Admin Module

You can set the authorities on your website. In this way, you will avoid confusion about who will do what job.

B2U - Catalog Module
Catalog Module

You can easily display the catalogs you have prepared for your company on your website.

B2U - User Module
User Module

With the member module, you can see the list of members, block the member you want, and even make member-specific product pricing.

B2U - Shipping Type Module
Shipping Type Module

You can easily show the shipping companies you use to the members who want to order by creating a list of the shipping companies you have contracted with.

B2U - Basket Module
Basket Module

Is a customer shopping on your page right now? Is the process unfinished? From the management panel, you can immediately contact your customer with an active basket and complete an order that will perhaps be left halfway. In fact, this module has a price fixing feature specific to the product in the basket.

B2U - News Module
News Module

You can easily display the news, announcements or advertisements of your company on your website.

B2U - Stock Module
Stock Module

You can see the stock information of all products in your warehouses in a list and you can easily follow up the stock demand of your products.

B2U - Ticket Module
Ticket Module

Your customers can open tickets (support requests) about the services or products they receive from your organization and send you messages.

B2U - Language Module
Language Module

If you are an international exporting company, your website may need multi-language support. With our multi-language service, you can add as many languages as you want to your website.

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