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Task and process tracking Easy customer management

Progress, a project management program, makes task management easy and unites your customers on a single platform.

Progress - Time Management

Time Management

You can easily find out how much time your customers' projects take, thanks to the task-based time counter.


You can create as many projects as you want for your customers and create project-specific responsible personnel.
Progress - Projects
Progress - Time High Level of Security

Time High Level of Security

We have created a high-level secure platform using the latest technologies to protect the data of your company, your customers and your staff.

Personnel Tracking

You can follow the success of the responsible personnel you add to the projects created for your customers.
Progress - Personnel Tracking
Progress - Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Don't be intimidated by the features that Progress provides. In addition to these many features, many improvements have been made to use Progress easily.

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