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What is B2B and How is Marketing Done?

  • 01.12.2020

B2B; It is a trade model in which the buyer and seller are both companies and product and service activities take place between these businesses. In this model, the processes run on different dynamics. The decisions go through the logical evaluation and approval process of the company management and the relevant departments within the company.

In the B2B e-commerce model, buyer companies and seller companies accelerate their business processes by carrying out their transactions under the same platform. On these platforms, they can provide information about their products and services, and carry out promotion and exhibition transactions, as well as transactions such as bidding and pricing. With the integrable and customizable structures to be included, many administrative operations can be handled easily.




There are many different situations where the B2B e-commerce system is used:

  • It can be used by businesses in the dealership system network.
  • A business can receive support services from other companies that produce this solution at points that it cannot resolve on its own.
  • Wholesale companies can operate in this structure with retail companies.
  • Supplier companies that will meet their raw material needs during the production stages of businesses can use this system.


How To Do B2B Marketing 

While creating a B2B marketing strategy, it should be developed in a way that affects people who are effective in purchasing processes. It should be planned correctly and managed properly.




Solution Centered Approach

It is necessary to approach companies with commercial relations not only with the logic of selling products and services, but within the framework that will produce solutions for them. It should not be forgotten that the point that the buyer company wants to reach is to find solutions to their problems. The offered products and services should be continuously improved and should be able to offer strong and practical alternatives that lead to solutions in the face of problems.



Efforts should be made to be a resource that current and potential customers who may need your products and services can easily access and benefit from.


Focus on Value

What should be focused on products and services should be the values that they will create and gain before prices and comparisons.



It is necessary to be able to properly convey innovations and values to customers, how to benefit from the products and services in the most efficient way and to produce solutions.




Benefits of B2B Platforms

  • With B2B solutions, it provides the opportunity to receive orders from any point at any time.
  • Follow-up of financial transactions with business partners can be done easily.
  • With the business partners included in the B2B system, business processes can be managed in a wide framework and with secure management.
  • In companies with dealership systems, it creates an area where dealers can easily access from any point at any time.
  • How authorizations will be given to business partners included in the system and their access rights can be managed under control.
  • It is ensured that agreements with business partners can be easily managed.



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What is B2B and How is Marketing Done?

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