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Exciting New Features Announced in the Claris Platform!

  • 27.04.2022

Exciting New Features Announced in the Claris Platform!

During last night's Claris (formerly FileMaker Inc) web seminar, CEO Brad Freitag addressed developers and consulting firms saying "problem solvers are our ecosystem.

Brad and his team shared details about the new licensing program, announced additions to the platform, and discussed future steps. Here are three key takeaways:

The Next Move: Claris Studio

Claris is launching a new product! Deputy CEO of Engineering, Peter Nelson, officially announced the name of the product coming this fall, referencing a web seminar he gave eight months ago on "New Stuff": Claris Studio. What we currently know as Claris Connect will be joining Studio. Claris Studio promises to be a modern web experience designed to work with existing Claris products. The first release will include user views, dashboards, and centralized login features.

Hubs are collections of forms grouped to complete a workflow. They can be thought of as a structure that guides the user through filling out an order or entering a job request.

Dashboards will help display data from both Pro and Studio. This means that the platform will work together under a single umbrella and be interoperable. In other words, Claris is focusing on a platform that works together and is compatible.

Anonymous access allows data collection from an unlicensed crowd. This is one of the biggest differences in Claris Studio and is currently more difficult to do in FileMaker. This addition will be beneficial for integrating users outside your organization into the system, for example, in workflow such as collecting service requests from customers.

According to the information we received in this announcement, the biggest gain we will have is centralized identity management. Having a single stop for user management will both save time and modernize development. The Claris team mentioned that they are focusing on the platform's launch and that Claris Studio will only be in the cloud for the first phase. The focus is on reaching data centers worldwide, but On-Prem distribution is not abandoned and will probably be part of more comprehensive roadmaps.

The developer preview of Claris Studio is coming soon!

Single Platform, Single License: Claris

Secondly, Claris continues to trust and develop its brand. Claris Studio will join other existing products under the Claris banner. Existing products will be renamed Claris Pro, Claris Go, and Claris Server. With this platform vision, Claris will switch from licensing "dual files" to licensing for use based on a subscription licensing model based on distributions. In short, Claris wants to make development free, only charging for improvements shared with the world.

With this new platform strategy and vision, Claris announces a new plan for customers and developers: the Claris Problem Solver Circle. This plan allows you to save time to try, deploy and take advantage of the entire platform for a two-year agreement. After two years, customer pricing will increase, but the goal here is to demonstrate the value of the technology within businesses.

This plan will be valid for 500 existing customers with a 30% price increase based on current licenses. If you are interested and want to learn more, check out the information on the Claris website. Contact us to discuss how this may look for you in the short and long term.

According to the Platform Director, Andrew LeCates, this plan is an exciting experiment for them to try and honestly, we agree. This program will be a great way to demonstrate just how powerful, creative, and flexible this technology really is. We are also excited to help define the value proposition of the Claris platform.

What's Happening to FileMaker Pro?

Thirdly, Claris continues to make significant investments in FileMaker Pro (now Claris Pro). FileMaker 19.5 is coming soon and Peter Nelson shared his excitement about its release. Important features are coming for Pro and Server. We'll share these new features with you once they are released.

For FileMaker 19.6, exciting features such as batch processing with script files and user group management with OAuth are being developed.

FileMaker Pro is Getting a Freemium Version!

Claris is focusing on new users and will offer a free version of Claris Pro. This version will also have access to Claris Studio. A paid license will be required to distribute an application to multiple users, but the free version offers the opportunity to try out the software.

We will share more information about the freemium version as we learn more.

What will Cabitaş the Claris Turkey Solution Partner do?

Our support for the use and expansion of Claris, formerly known as FileMaker, will continue at full speed. We plan to expand our training, support, and consulting services to include new "problem solvers" and consulting firms in our solution partner network that use the Claris platform to produce solutions. Claris Pro (formerly known as FileMaker Pro) will be able to reach a wider audience. Cabitaş Engineering offers Claris FileMaker Pro licensing, training, consulting, and cloud storage services. You can directly contact us for any topic in FileMaker.

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Exciting New Features Announced in the Claris Platform!

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