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What is SEO? How to Do SEO Work

  • 10.11.2020

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, means Search Engine Optimization. It is an improvement effort to attract visitors to your own website by ranking high on the results pages of search engines and turn them into earnings, and to ensure that search engine bots understand your awareness and reliability.

Accessibility to users is very important to turn the work you do on your websites, the service you provide, the products you sell, or the content you share into profit. For this, your website needs quality content, a good user experience, and a proper optimization. None of these procedures alone is sufficient. Even if you have a very high-quality content, you need to edit them so that search engines can Index them in a way that they understand. From the point of view of users, the work we do should be of quality, it should be seen well from their eyes. This is a process that we should do, but not enough, because search engines do not see sites the way we see them.

In order to get the best ranking in search results, it is necessary to know what search engines want, get along well with them, and make the site that we have created look good when viewed through their eyes. To be able to do all this is primarily to understand search engines and their working logic. Although there are many search engines in the search engines market, such as Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Google has a very large Sunday Share. From this point of view, SEO studies are largely regulated according to the Google search engine.


search engines


How Search Engines Work

Search engines constantly visit and scan all websites on the internet with search robots called spider or web crawler. It analyzes the text and visual content obtained from the scanning results and tries to understand the page. It evaluates them with their algorithms according to many criteria such as content quality, page loading speed, mobile compatibility, domain and page authority, adds a quality score called pagerank to the indexes and uses it for rankings. When a search is made by the user, it finds and lists the appropriate sites among the sites that the user has previously evaluated, considering options such as language, location and device.


how search engines work


How to Do SEO Work

Seo is a field that needs to be done comprehensively, consistently and professionally. In order for websites to be understood by search engine robots, page structures should be created technically to facilitate the work of these robots, functional structures that will provide good experiences to users, and appropriate strategies should be determined for the keywords to be selected in order to receive traffic.


SEO Starter Requirements

When starting SEO work from the basic point, we first need to base our website on a healthy domain and hosting.



Domains are website names used instead of complex IPs to reach websites. In order to be advantageous in terms of SEO, we should pay attention to parameters such as age, history, length, suitability for the keyword and extension of the domain while purchasing a domain. When search engines evaluate websites, they interpret domains of age as the website will not be temporary. Likewise, the length of the domain duration will have a positive effect on this. You can use the page below for age control when buying a domain.


On the following site, you can access the old snapshots of the domain you will receive.

You can also use google search operators in the form of site: to review pages previously indexed by google. If you want to learn more about these operators, you can review our article on google advanced search operators.



Hosting companies place you on shared servers according to the packages you receive. It is necessary to look at other sites hosted on the same server with you. These should be checked for sites that leave dirty marks and are considered spam. If necessary, changes should be made in consultation with the hosting company. You can check which websites are hosted on the same domain on the server from the site below.


In addition, the hosting company from which the service is provided should be a quality company that does not have speed problems and does not experience frequent interruptions.


On Page SEO

It is the compatibility studies of the site for search engines. These are important factors that will make your pages better understood by the web crawler and increase traffic.



Keywords are words that users use to describe the services or products they want to access while using search engines. Since the main purpose of SEO is to attract users to our site with high rankings, it is very important that users will describe and reach the service you provide on your website. While talking about keywords, we come across the concepts of short tail and long tail keywords. Short tail keyword refers to short-scale keywords. These keywords are short, clear and have high search volumes. At this point, as there will be many competitors who will provide the same service as you, the competition rate may be very high in some words. While choosing the appropriate words, a good strategy should be determined for the words that receive high traffic and can bring profit in this competitive environment by paying attention to this criterion. When searching for keywords for the website, short tail words may be directed as they have high search volumes, but this may not always be the right choice. For newly opened, authoritarian and unpopular companies and individuals, it would be a very difficult and wrong move to try to transform from this area where competition is very high. In such cases, long tail keywords can be viewed. When we look at the concept of long tail keywords within the framework of SEO, it refers to the words with low search volume but high conversion rate. These concepts should be considered when determining the keyword strategy. When choosing keywords, we want words with high search volume, but competition is high here. It will be much more difficult to reach the targets in a race that will force our business with large companies and advertising budgets. When determining our strategy, choosing keywords that will lead to the goal according to the company's situation and will provide a long-term return with more specific words will be an option with more returns. In addition, since long tail keywords are used more frequently during voice searches, this situation should not be ignored in keyword selection. Keyword density within the page should be between 2% and 6%.


keyword - long tail keywords


While doing keyword research and analysis, there are many tools on the market that we can use for free and for a fee. Let's look at a few of these together.

Keyword research can be done on Google ads. Here you can view the competition rate and the number of clicks. For this, after entering google ads, you can click the keyword planner on the tools and do a word search.


google ads word planner


With Google trends, you can access statistical information about the searched words by region, language and historical range.


google trends


You can access many statistical data such as traffic, trends, number of clicks, cost per click for mobile and desktop via Ubersuggest.




Meta Tags

These are tags located in the head section of HTML pages and provide information about the page for search engines. With the Title tag, the title that will appear in search engine results is determined. With the Description meta, a summary description to be shown to search engines and users when displayed in results is determined. Title 70, description is suitable up to 160 characters. With the robots meta, it is decided whether the content and links on the page are indexed or not. Although he says that he will no longer consider the use of Google keywords, we do not do the optimization according to a single search engine. However, it is worth considering, as google is by far the largest owner of this market. In this respect, let's be careful not to use too many keywords. Excessive use of keywords may even cause us to be perceived as spam. It will be sufficient to use a few keywords for other search engines without exaggeration.


title - description


When determining the title, it will be useful to do it according to the following pattern.

Main Word - 2nd Word | Site Name

The following pattern can be used for e-commerce sites.

[Product Name (Brand-Model)] - [Product Category] - [Site Name]


Url Structure

  • It should be simple, understandable and uncomplicated.
  • It should be compatible and holistic with the title.
  • It is advantageous to include target keywords.
  • Dynamic urls created with the coding structure should be avoided.
  • Words should be separated by hyphens (-).


SEO Compatible Content

Only one h1 tag should be used for each page, depending on the targeted keyword. When using the selected keywords in the content, the preferred formatting tags should be chosen accordingly. For example, for texts that want to be highlighted, the <strong> tag should be used instead of the <b> tag, and <em> tags should be used instead of the <i> tag. Using semantic tags such as <ins>, <del>, <adress>, <article>, <details>, <figcaption> should make the job of search engines easier. The contents should be visually enriched. All your content must be original. Copy content causes your page not to be evaluated.


SEO Image Optimization

The sub and title attriubutes of the image contents should be filled with appropriate keywords. Try not to exceed the 100 kb limit in image sizes. Google recommends broadcasting in next-generation formats such as JPEG 2000, JPEG XR and WebP. Since these formats are better compressed, downloads complete faster and data consumption is reduced. In addition, the site should be supported with video content. Since this will allow the user to spend more time on your site, it will positively affect your traffic increase.


Site Speed

Good user experience is an important criterion for your site, and speed is a very important factor for user experience. In order for your site to be fast, the loaded media should be in low sizes. The javascript codes used on the page should be optimized as much as possible. You can find the measurements of your site's speeds and solutions to them with the google pagespeed tool.


google pagespeed


In-Site Linking

In-site linking is the process of linking the pages within the site to each other in a hierarchical manner through links. Thanks to the systematic links, google bots detect the link between your pages more easily and your indexing process becomes easier. With a good in-site linking, it becomes easier for both users and google bots to access and review the page. You should try to do in-page linking with a categorical approach in which it will be easy to spread from the home page to other pages. If there is a link between your content, you should make the links that will allow you to switch between these pages. While linking, be careful not to increase the site depth above 4.


Steering Search Engine Robot

When search engine bots visit your site, you can guide it by explaining the link between your pages, speeding up the crawl process and making it easier for you to be indexed. The file with xml extension that describes all the pages we want to index and the relationship between them is called a sitemap. Robots.txt is the file where you can specify which search engine can crawl when visiting your site and which pages can be indexed. Sitemap.xml and robots.txt file are placed in the main folder of the site.

You can control these files through the google search console.


google search console


You can also access many statistical information about your site via the search console.


google search console


Mobile Compatibility

Nowadays, users are mostly mobile devices and this situation continues rapidly. Therefore, Google gives importance to this situation. With its mobile first indexing approach, it now makes indexing with mobile priority. Sites with mobile-friendly site designs rank better in search results. For this reason, take care that the mobile version of your sites runs smoothly. You may consider taking advantage of the amp mobile technology announced by Google as accelerated mobile pages.


Routing Commands

You may not want some pages on our website to be indexed for security or other reasons. If you notify google of the pages that you do not need to be indexed in this way, you will create more crawling chances for your other pages, and this may create a plus point for your site as you contribute to the google crawl budget.

  • Noindex is used to specify that the page should not be crawled and added to the index.
  • Nofollow is used to specify that links within the page should not be followed.

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,nofollow” />

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,follow” />

When you want to give a link on the page but do not want to be a reference to that link, you can use nofollow in the link tag as in the example.

<a href=”example.html” rel=”nofollow”> Example</a>

Your pages may have some copies. In this case, we must report this to search engines. The main page is declared with the canonical attribute.

<link rel=”canonical” href=”” >

With the remove url tools, you can remove your indexed pages through the google search console.


Off Page SEO

Off-page SEO is the work done to get interactions that will provide access to your own website from different, reliable and quality sources. With these studies, you can give signs that your site is a reliable source for search engines. You must be very careful while doing these exercises. You should stay away from transactions that are made in an unbalanced and inconsistent way and that can be exaggerated. These may cause your site to be perceived as spam rather than benefit. You will be able to increase your traffic by pointing out that your site is also a reliable source with the work you do from safe sites and proportionately.



Getting references from external sites other than our own site is called a backlink. The important thing when buying backlinks is to be able to get references from many quality and many sites. Otherwise work is considered by google within the scope of black hat seo. In backlink transactions, existing backlinks should be analyzed first. Links taken from the same C class IP while buying backlinks are not healthy. Care should be taken not to get too many backlinks from the same C class IP, as it may be perceived as fake transactions to upgrade the pagerank. If you get a backlink from any site, the rel attribute should be dofollow.




Social Signals

Although links from social media are not perceived as backlinks, they are considered social signals and reflect as a positive effect for sites.

When the link of your page is shared on social media platforms, you can create meaningful images with the open graph protocol. As this will increase the user experience about your site, it will have a positive reflection on your site.

ogr: title – Content page title

ogr: type – Content type

ogr: image – Picture to show content

ogr: url – Content link

ogr: description – Description about the content

open graph



It is of great importance to work to stand out among the rapidly increasing digital platforms and to maintain your existence today, in which we are in a great digital transformation. Therefore, it is necessary to do SEO work. SEO is the whole work done in order to get to the top in SERP (Searh Engine Result Page) in order to attract users to the website. Getting the results of these studies right away is not as easy as advertising. However, the ads will disappear immediately when the budget runs out. However, SEO work provides less costly return and it is easier to maintain the continuity of the conversion obtained. Therefore, SEO studies should be given importance, good analysis should be done and meticulous work should be done. Do not forget to pay attention to the following items during the studies.


SEO considerations


With successful SEO work, you can get quality traffic and contribute to your brand value by increasing your awareness and reliability.


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What is SEO? How to Do SEO Work

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