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What are Google Advanced Search and Tips- 2

  • 29.10.2020

Google Quick Response System

In this part of our Google advanced searches article, we will be talking about a number of tools that allow us to do many operations quickly and provide easy access to solutions. Let's go over what these tools are and their uses.



When we type calculator or calculator in the search box, a calculator will appear that we can do our mathematical operations quickly. You can perform many operations such as equations and conversions, as well as quickly create graphs of complex functions with the search box.


google advanced search


google advanced search

It is also possible to create 3D graphics in desktop computer browsers that support WebGL.


google advanced search


Unit Converter

You can also use the search box as a unit converter. You can perform conversion operations on many subjects such as temperature, mass, length, area, volume, currencies.


google advanced search


Color picker

By searching the color picker or color picker, you can access a color palette that you can use to select a color or convert between color codes such as HEX, RGB, HSV, HSL, CMYK.


google advanced search



You can track and compare stocks for your financial transactions.


google advanced search


Weather forecast

You can find detailed information about the weather by searching weather or weather.


google advanced search


Google Image Search

In the visual search section, we can use operators such as "" (Quotation), OR, - (Tire) that we see in the standard search sections, as well as select many criteria such as image size, aspect ratio, color, image type, region, file type from the advanced visual search page and filter our searches. . In addition, after the searched word, we can search imagesize: widthxheight according to the dimensions we entered in pixels.


google advanced search


In our next article, we will discuss advanced search operators from the google hacking point. You can access our article from the link below.

Google Advanced Search - 3

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What are Google Advanced Search and Tips- 2

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