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What are the Claris FileMaker Development Stages?

  • 04.12.2020

Although Claris Filemaker is a relational database that can produce cross-platform solutions, it provides users with the ability to create screen and form designs with graphical user interface (GUI) and easily configurable item editing capabilities for desktop, web and mobile platforms and provide them with functionality and security features. it is a problem solver.

Long and demanding development processes pose major problems in terms of growth and profitability for businesses that need specific business solutions. Built on a secure, flexible and customizable foundation, FileMaker is an ideal platform for all individual and corporate users looking for practical, stable and robust solutions.

Claris Filemaker allows you to combine different types of data and perform operations such as adding, editing, querying, calculating and reporting on a single point.




Claris Filemaker Project Development

When creating a project with Claris Filemaker, firstly tables, data fields and relationships between tables are created. User interfaces are designed and field settlements are made. The commands that will add functionality to the solution application developed in line with the requests and that will perform certain operation or transaction sets are created by calculating them in a holistic manner and in all details. The screens users can access and their authorization are made. The database files created later can be used exclusively by the user on single devices, or they can be used on the FileMaker server by providing multi-user access in the common area.




Claris FileMaker Products

FileMaker products have client and server side applications on Windows and macOS. FileMaker Server 19 version for Linux has also been released in October 2020. You can create solutions with FileMaker Pro, and host your solutions on FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud, and run your management and configuration processes from here.

  • FileMaker Pro 19 is the latest version of the client application written for MacOS and Windows.
  • FileMaker WebDirect is a FileMaker client that is used to access and interact with created solutions over the web.
  • FileMaker Go is an application for accessing solutions on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads.
  • FileMaker Server is used to host databases on MacOS, Window and Linux based servers.





Claris FileMaker Capabilities

  • Tables on the Filemaker file can be created only once and displayed in many different ways with lists, tables and forms.
  • It can work integrated with other databases.
  • It provides access to all the works that are important for your business at any time, from anywhere and from all platforms.
  • You can use CoreML smart technologies for functions such as image and emotion recognition, Siri shortcuts for voice activations, NFC reading.
  • It is possible to carry the platform to a wide range of areas with artificial intelligence, Javascript and add-ons.
  • FileMaker applications can be easily modified during RAD (rapid application development), even when users are actively accessing the database.
  • Filemaker can expand its capabilities with web technologies such as HTML, XML, Javascript, PHP.
  • Data can be hosted on servers through internal integrations or RESTful APIs.
  • With the FileMaker WebDirect service, it enables other platforms other than macOS, iOS and Windows to access FileMaker solutions on browsers.





Security with FileMaker 

FileMaker has many capabilities to enable you to securely access data and file operations while developing.



FileMaker provides protection by encrypting the credentials stored in solutions. Users can also authenticate through Active Directory, Open Directory, or OAuth identity providers. For solutions hosted by FileMaker Cloud, users can authenticate with their FileMaker ID account.



You can encrypt data stored in FileMaker solutions. You can also require SSL encryption of data between FileMaker Server or a FileMaker Cloud product and FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Go, FileMaker WebDirect, FileMaker Data API and client applications with ODBC, JDBC, and OData.


Access Control with Customizable Authorizations

You can control the access levels of users by creating special privilege sets as required by the solution.


Server Management

It allows you to monitor solution access through the admin panel, disconnect idle users and create solution backups.

FileMaker Platform uses a security model in which the security of the created solution is valid on all clients.




Claris FileMaker Turkey Solution Partner

By working with Claris International, a subsidiary of Apple Inc, you can use the development expertise and experience of Cabitaş Mühendislik, the Claris FileMaker solution partner in Turkey, to produce practical and reliable solutions that streamline your business processes, automate your workflows, and free up more time for other valuable tasks.



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What are the Claris FileMaker Development Stages?

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