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  • 29.10.2020

As a result of humanity's need to understand and make sense of the events in the universe, it is the way to benefit from this information provided by science, which is formed by the precise and consistent information that it has reached through observations and experiments based on reality, and an indispensable concept of today is technology. We often do not care enough about the meaning and significance of this concept, although it is a part of our daily life and even a part of our conversations.


First, let's talk a little bit about what technology is. People, who have many desires and needs by nature, have always been in search of easier and more effective methods to meet these needs and achieve their goals. This search pushed him to use his knowledge and skills and prompted him to find new ways. We can call the methods, tools and equipment that emerged as a result of this process and this process as technology. Although we associate technology with a physical and concrete tool in daily life, technology may have non-physical outputs, so we can define technology as the application process of cumulative knowledge. Since we know the fact that human needs and needs always exist and will exist, technology will always be right beside us as an element to respond to them. From this point of view, it should not be difficult to conclude that technology will continue dynamically without losing its position and importance over time. There is no area left where this constantly developing and unstable structure does not affect today. Along with technological developments, it has contributed and continues to contribute to our lives in every field we can think of, such as agricultural production, space industry, education, health, transportation, trade, industry.




Although the convenience and innovations it provides today are at an endless level, it will be useful to see a few examples. With the innovations brought by technological development:

  • Many innovations have come in the field of health, ranging from early diagnosis and diagnosis, holographic images, 3D printers, DNA analysis and smart surgical blades.
  • In the field of education, with many options from teleconferencing systems, web-based training, blogs to online forums, time and space have been expanded, and opportunities have been gained to accelerate the exchange of information and personal development with easy access to numerous resources.
  • Regardless of land, sea and air transportation, it has become possible to have more reliable and fast options, applications that can follow the traffic density in the places to be visited, and easy access to navigation technologies.
  • Thanks to the developed tools, it has become possible to communicate very quickly and effectively even at long distances.
  • E-Commerce systems have provided the opportunity to shop on the internet instead of visiting the stores, offering more options for people who do not have enough time or who are not suitable for going out.
  • It has been possible to increase production efficiency in the industry with advanced machines.



Of course, it is possible to list them quite a bit, but it is also necessary to mention some negative aspects.

  • Along with technological developments, physiological problems can arise on people in the virtual environment due to insomnia and inactivity.
  • Electromagnetic fields have also increased due to the fact that technological devices work with electrical energy and the increase of technological devices around us. Increasing the electromagnetic field has a very negative effect on the nervous system of people.
  • Some developments have led to global warming, increased environmental pollution, unhealthy and hormonal foods and new diseases.


When we look at the overall negative aspects, although these substances are examined under the heading of the harms of technology, it is not the technology that is harmful, but the unconscious and uncontrolled use of people. It should not be forgotten that even medicines become poison rather than medicine when the usage is wrong and the dosage is too high. Therefore, using technology correctly will prevent damages from occurring.

Adaptation to technology will be decisive for the selection of societies today and in the future. Societies that produce, use and direct technology will be able to survive permanently, and those who watch this development and change process will take their place on the dusty shelves of history. For this reason, countries, institutions, companies and individuals who want to survive have to use and produce technology.


We must equip ourselves constantly in a way that will not break off from this process, and we must constantly follow new technologies. We should make our lives easier and increase our production quality by making use of the blessings of the technologies we follow and making them applicable to our daily and working life. At this point, we will try to enter into this vast field of technology from computer and computer systems technologies, which are the biggest fruit of humanity's collective work, to obtain information about these issues, how we can use them and adapt them to our lives, and what we can do to be involved in this process at the point of production. . In our next articles, we will be examining many topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Augmented Reality.



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