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Numble - Hidden Number Game by FileMaker

  • 01.01.2023

As a Claris FileMaker developer for more than 30 years, I would like to emphasize that the improvement on the Claris Platform is marvelous. So why do we use File Maker Pro only for businesses? Why don't we use this tool for making games?

You may have been familiar with and played with Wordle, which quickly became popular in early 2022. It is a game that expects you to find the hidden word. Why don’t we do a similar game application via FileMaker Pro?

Remember the number guessing games you played as a kid? Let's go back to the past. We used to play numbers on paper in our spare times as a family. On the lucky guess we would win the game, on the unlucky guess we would get "next" answer loudly. Let's play but this time, have a computer or a phone instead of paper and pencil. We decided to make it happen on the digital platform as a game Numble while we were talking about games and our memories.

On this small project, we have used only build-in capabilities and functions. There is no plug-in, no JavaScript, and no custom function. It is pure FileMaker solution. As a result, we made a game using just FileMaker Pro. Let's start your daily brain training with Numble.

How to Play Numble?

  1. Download the game by clicking the button on the right.
  2. You have 4 tries to guess a number which consists of 4 or 5 digits in Numble.
  3. Select how many digits you want to play from the green boxes.
  4. Type your guess and press "enter".
  5. The game shows you whether you approach according to the color of the boxes in the number chain on the left. A gray bubble means that the number you typed is not in the answer at all. The yellow bubble means the number is correct, but in the wrong place. The green bubble means you found the right number in the right place.
  6. Use each digit only once.
  7. Try to solve Numble before you run out of guesses.

Good Luck!

We enjoy providing solutions(applications) to make life easier for you on Claris FileMaker Platform. We produce Numble as a simple game. But we also made application for tracking all processes of a manufacturing company and plenty of custom solutions for foundations who operates in different sectors.

Do you need assistance for your Claris FileMaker Project, or do you have a project in your mind? Contact us for complete solution package or consultancy for your projects.

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Osman Cabi

F. Osman Cabi, değerli FileMaker geliştiricimiz ve şirketimizin İşyeri İnovasyon Mühendisidir. Osman, Çankaya Üniversitesi, Endüstri Mühendisliği mezunu olup, 2007 yılında Cabitaş ekibine katılmıştır.

Osman, FileMaker platformunda uzun yıllar deneyime sahiptir ve bu alanda çalışmak onun tutkusudur. Boş zamanlarını dahi FileMaker ile geçirmeyi sever.

Numble - Hidden Number Game by FileMaker

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