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<Table Missing> In All Fields Error and Solution

  • 06.08.2022

If you are using Claris FileMaker Pro, you may see this expression in layouts, scripts, calculations from time to time. Turkish expression “Table Missing” / “Field Missing”

There are basically 4 possible reasons for this.

  1. User (FileMaker software developer) error
  2. User authorization settings
  3. Temporary problem during reconnection
  4. FileMaker's error

"I did not do anything!" If you see "table missing" in all areas on the screen, go to the 3rd section, the solution is simple.

  1. User (FileMaker Software Developer) Error

Error warnings, usually “Missing”, actually indicate that the table, field, layout, script (elements, etc.) could not be found.

You can reach the detailed article about this by clicking the link below;

Claris FileMaker Pro: Missing Elements: “Missing” / “Missing” Statements and Solution

  1. Authorization Issue

Claris FileMaker Pro offers comprehensive user management and authorization. You can see <Table Missing> statements if the logged in user is not authorized to see the data in the relevant table. Claris FileMaker You can access the mini Claris FileMaker Tutorial, which explains the basics of security and authorization, here (

  1. Temporary problem during reconnection

Claris FileMaker Pro automatically reconnects to the file after disconnection from the file (may be due to a brief internet outage or when your computer goes to sleep and wakes up again).

You will see <Table Missing> if the data to show for the fields on the open screen is not in the cache during the connection attempt. It is automatically fixed when the link to the file occurs. If the attempt to connect to the file fails, you can open the file again and continue working.

  1. FileMaker's error

If all fields appear as “<Table Missing>” on the first screen that appears as soon as you open the program, there is nothing to be afraid of. This is probably a bug of FileMaker Pro, and the solution is pretty simple.

This error is more common in files that are accessed remotely, that is, to the host machine (server), accessed over the internet instead of the local network.

The problem is caused by some kind of inconsistency in the temporary files FileMaker Pro keeps on your computer, and restarting the computer can usually fix the problem.

Solution: Clear cache!

Sounds simple, right? Just "clear cache". Said with the same respect for tech support as "Just turn it off and back on" or "Make sure your monitor is plugged in", the act of clearing the cache is such a minor fix that it can easily be overlooked.

When you need to clear the cache, just follow these steps:

Clearing Claris FileMaker Pro Cache on Windows

  • Close FileMaker (You can check if FileMaker Pro.exe is present in the processes in the task manager to make sure it is closed.)
  • Open “%localappdata%\Temp\” location (You can enter “%localappdata%\Temp\” in Windows search and press enter)
  • Open the “FileMaker” folder.
  • Select all subfolders (you will find subfolders like "ContainerCache", "DBCache", "DBFileThumbnails" and "QuickStart"; select all to remove)
  • Delete selected folders
  • Open FileMaker

Clearing Claris FileMaker Pro Cache on macOS

  • Close FileMaker (Make sure there are no tokens under the Claris FileMaker Pro icon in the dock to make sure it's closed)
  • Switch to Finder by clicking the Finder icon on the Dock.
  • Select “Go to Folder…” from the Go menu and navigate to the “~/Library/Caches” folder
  • Find the appropriate FileMaker folder (this will be "com.filemaker.client.advanced12" or "com.filemaker.client.pro12") and open it
  • Select all the contents of the folder and move it to the Trash
  • Find the second FileMaker folder (titled “FileMaker only”) and open it
  • Select all the contents of the second folder and move it to the Trash
  • Restart your Mac

These steps will simply be enough to solve the problem.

In this article, we shared the most common errors and solutions. If your problem is still not resolved, you can contact us from our contact page below;

As Cabitas Engineering, Claris FileMaker Turkey, we share our 30 years of experience here. We also provide training, consulting, licensing and custom software development services for the Claris FileMaker Platform. If you need a Claris FileMaker license or professional support, you can contact us from the relevant pages;

  • Claris FileMaker Pro Licensing
  • Claris FileMaker Pro Support
&lt;Table Missing&gt; In All Fields Error and Solution

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