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High Security Password Generator


High Security Password Generator

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  • 05.12.2020

Current with evolving technologies and changing all the time in the digital world, making our jobs easier digital banking, email accounts, social media accounts, receipt of government services in areas such as the state of the digital platforms many products and services we use. Because many of our personal data are hosted on these platforms that we use to facilitate our work, the passwords we use to access these services should be robust in a way that does not threaten our security.

People generally use words or Numbers that have meaning for themselves in order to be catchy when creating passwords. Although passwords created in this way in a short and simple structure are difficult for a person to guess, millions of tests can be performed per second with computers. This number can easily reach billions using a GPU-based tool. Creating passwords with easily known data such as your name, Year of birth, team you keep is much more dangerous. In password cracking operations, word lists consisting of such information about you narrow the scope of the prediction process and make it much easier to get results. Therefore, it is necessary to create strong passwords to protect against brute force-style cryptanalytic attacks.


Password Generator


To create strong passwords, it is necessary to generate random passwords that contain long (at least 8 digits), upper and lower case letters and special characters such as #,%, +, -,?, @,!, *,%. Also, you should not use a single password for your accounts. To protect your security, you can generate random and strong passwords using our Password Generator tool.

With the tool on this page, you can quickly generate strong passwords up to 2048 digits, including symbols, numbers, upper and lower case letters and special characters.


Password Generator

High Security Password Generator

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