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  • 10.11.2020

In the industrial sector, which produces usable services and products by processing raw materials with mass production activities, volumetric weight calculations are frequently performed in many areas such as transportation, iron and steel, automotive. Accordingly, studies are carried out and products are presented. At this point, it is necessary to perform such calculations flawlessly by using the quantity per unit volume (density - density), which is one of the characteristic properties of substances, and the relation between mass and volume. It is important to do these processes quickly and practically as well as without errors. You can speed up your decision processes according to the data obtained by making calculations easily. You can use our Weight Calculation tool for calculation in order to perform these continuous operations smoothly.

Through this address, you can perform your volumetric weight calculations effortlessly thanks to the simple and simple interface created, and you can quickly reach the results you want and save time. The vehicle created on the site is as follows.


weight calculation


On this tool, you choose an option suitable for the shape of any product such as sheet metal, box profile, pipe or metal plate for the material you want to calculate its weight from the section in the upper right corner. As an example, let's make an operation for a copper plate measuring 5mm X 500mm X 0.5m.


weight calculation


After selecting the required shape from the relevant section, we enter the required dimensions according to the shape we have chosen.


weight calculation


After you enter the dimensions, the section on the right contains the density values according to the type of product you choose. After making a selection according to product type, the calculated result appears in the weight section. In this way, you can easily do your transactions.

Free Weight Calculator

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