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FileMaker: Server Management Tools

  • 08.05.2021

Filemaker Server, running as a background service on a host machine and publishing your Filemaker files; IOS is a database server that enables clients (clients) on the desktop and the web to connect to this host machine and access the file quickly and reliably. In this client - server model, users can communicate with the server through the data access layer on their computers and thanks to front end programs that can display the desired data in the presentation layer; Desired services are provided by communicating with back end programs that undertake storage, data processing and data analysis.



Server operations such as configuring and managing hosted databases and tracking statistical information about databases can be done using Filemaker Server Admin Console (Filemaker Server Admin Console) or AdminAPI, which allows access to the server from any environment.

You can find information about Filemaker Server installation and management on Filemaker Support site.

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FileMaker: Server Management Tools

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