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Filemaker: Script Error Handling

  • 19.04.2021

As the Turkish equivalent of the word script, we can call it script or script. Scripts are basically scenarios consisting of a directory of commands that will automate the operations we want to do. When the machines are the operations we want to make, it is necessary to explain the operations to be done in detail, since they apply every command we say motatically. For this reason, the behavior of the script steps to be used in Filemaker should be well known and the calculations should be made accordingly. We may encounter unexpected errors in cases where the calculations are not made properly, there are overlooked possibilities and these possibilities are not evaluated.




Although we write our commands properly, unexpected situations can always occur. In cases where data input is received from the user, the behaviors that the user will take may not always be the way we want. The user may enter a text value in a number field, try to enter negative values ​​in fields such as age information, or enter 0 in the divisor when we want to make a division, causing undefined values ​​to occur. When we want to work by including files from a different location in the application, the files may not be in the required location. It should be known that the file may not be at the expected location due to deletion by the user or for other reasons, and attention should be paid to these situations when file operations are carried out accordingly. If there are dangerous processes such as deleting all records or updating records collectively as a result of scripts, it should be tested whether the previous transactions work properly or not. When data is to be taken from the internet environment, the status of the network connection should be checked. There are many more situations such as these where one should be careful to avoid errors. Therefore, codes should be neat, clean and understandable in order to be as careful as possible and to be easy to detect errors when necessary. In order to be able to organize the work flow easily in case of errors, it should be easier to identify and solve problems by keeping a log of errors.


If errors are encountered in Filemaker, the step where the problem occurs can be determined by executing the commands step by step with the Script Debugger tool in the Tools menu to find the source of the error. In case of errors, you can access the error codes produced by Filemaker from the last error section in the debugger, and you can do more detailed investigations about these error codes. When you want to examine the error codes, you can check our page on Filemaker error codes.

You can find a sample application on Error Handling and more on our Meetup on Dealing with Script Errors below.



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Filemaker: Script Error Handling

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