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FileMaker: Script Debugging

  • 29.04.2021

Applications must be bug-free in order to run stably. However, errors are common during application development. Errors may sometimes cause the program to break and not work, and in some cases, we may encounter relatively more dangerous situations where the program produces incorrect results without receiving any error or warning message due to logical errors. Either way, mistakes are annoying, but they are situations that need to be dealt with.

While trying to make the applications we develop more functional, the scripts, content and complexity we host on the program gradually increase. When this is the case, it may be difficult to overcome this complexity and identify the source of the error at the points where the error is encountered. At this point, we can make debugging operations in Filemaker with the debugger tool, speeding up the error detection and making our work easier.



In Filemaker, we can access the debug tool with the Script Debugger option under the Tools menu.


When the scripts run after the Script Debugger is opened, we can manually advance the commands step by step to examine how these script steps have an effect. Script Debugger provides the opportunity to run a single line of the script with the controls it provides, or to run automatically up to the points determined by the breakpoint and then proceed step by step. In cases where errors are encountered, you can find hints about producing solutions by returning error codes with this tool. You can skip commands or stop the script from running when necessary.


Step over
It executes commands by advancing the lines in the script step by step without going into sub-scripts.

Step Into
It executes commands step by step, also entering sub-scripts.

Step Out
When in the sub script, it exits from this point and returns to the line after the command line where the sub script was invoked. In cases where the sub-script is not present, all remaining commands are executed as long as the breakpoint is not encountered.

Executes all script steps unless it encounters breakpoit.

Pauses a script that is running.

Halt Script
Stops script execution.

Enable/Disable Script Triggers
Disables and enables script triggers.

Edit Script
Used when trying to edit a script that is being executed. Execution stops if changes are made to the script and saved.

Open/Close Data Viewer
Turns Data Viewer on or off, which is used to monitor variables, field values and calculations.


You can find the sample application about Script Debugger and more from our Meetup on Script Debugging below.



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FileMaker: Script Debugging

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