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FileMaker: QR Code/Barcode Transactions

  • 12.08.2021

Barcodes created to speed up data entry consist of lines created with various coding methods. QR Code (QR Code – Quick Response Code) can be specified as a type of barcode, which is also expressed as a two-dimensional barcode and created with dots on a matrix. QR codes are advantageous as they can store more data than barcodes.
QR codes can store the following amounts of data:

  • Numeric up to 7090 characters.
  • Alphanumeric maximum 4291 characters.
  • Maximum 2953 Bytes as binary (8 Bits).

There are different types of barcodes and QR codes that can be used according to needs. According to the symbol types of barcodes, there are types such as Code 11, Code 39 and EAN 13. QR codes have types such as Aztec Code, Data Matrix, Dot Code.



QR Code / Barcode Use Areas 

  • Retail sale
  • Warehouse Management
  • Production management
  • Advertising
  • Fun
  • Banking
  • Health
  • Audit


QR Code / Barcode Application in FileMaker

It is possible to generate barcodes with fonts, plugins or custom functions to create barcodes in FileMaker. In the font method, it is possible to display the data written in a field as a barcode by using various barcode fonts. Again, some plugins and custom functions that offer ready-made possibilities can be used for the production process. Add-on, Javascript, Web Service and Barcode Printers can be used for Qr Code.

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FileMaker: QR Code/Barcode Transactions

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