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Artificial Intelligence

  • 2020-10-29 17:51:54

artificial intelligence


When it comes to the concept of artificial intelligence, the first thing that comes to mind for most of us is fear scenarios and conspiracy theories, such as whether we are going to lose our jobs or will they end humanity after humanoid robots. Nowadays, we should look closely and evaluate carefully this concept, which shows that there will be no area that it does not touch and will not touch with the process of progress. When we examine it historically, although it is possible to attribute the concept of artificial intelligence to a much older time, when we examine it in terms of computer systems, we can say that the Turing test is the basis of the question of whether machines can think, which causes us to talk about this concept and the concept of artificial intelligence. At this point, we can even say that computers owe their birth to the concept of artificial intelligence. Our curiosity and our quest to create something that we can easily get our every job done led to the birth of the computer, and computers became a tool that allowed us to continue the same search even more strongly. While it is still unknown where this process will lead humanity, we must determine the position we should stand in. Instead of spending time on horror scenarios and empty sentences that do not produce solutions, we should be in an effort to catch the horizon that goes to different points in every innovation.


To understand the concept of artificial intelligence, let's first look at what intelligence is. Intelligence; It is the ability to grasp, judge, analyze, synthesize and analyze the connections and relationships of a situation. We call the area where these mental functions in humans are tried to be modeled and transferred to artificial systems, artificial intelligence. We can say that artificial intelligence is the product of man's effort to transfer these cognitive acquisitions to structures other than himself. In other words, artificial intelligence is the realization of human-specific behaviors and movements by perceiving them by software and machines around them and by being included in the account area. Computerized systems were used effectively in this process.


artificial intelligence


In the development process of computers, after data was collected and processed, it turned into information. However, the power of computer systems was lacking to a certain extent in converting them into information. In the following process, with the development of computer technologies, the problems encountered in artificial intelligence began to be overcome more easily, and this caused the development process of artificial intelligence to accelerate. With the development of computers, the process of generating information from data has become easy, but it has fallen short of transforming it into information and automating these transformation processes. In order to overcome this, solutions are tried to be produced with artificial intelligence at the information level, which is the highest level of the data-information-information pyramid. While producing these solutions, big data are being worked on and this requires a lot of hardware power. At this point, although great success has been achieved with current technologies, we can say that the limits of today's processor architectures have been reached. However, we still have huge problems. The physical boundaries of the existing systems leave us insufficient against the big problems we face. Quantum computing, which has started to enter our lives today, opens brand new horizons at this point. It promises new hopes in calculating the possible consequences of biochemical processes, in which even supercomputers are slow today, in many other issues such as new vaccines and treatment methods. In this way, in the near future, quantum computers will carry artificial intelligence technology to much different dimensions.

artificial intelligence


When we look at a complex structure that includes many dynamics within the concept of artificial intelligence and its basis, it is seen that this technology rises above information generation, information use and information processing. It consists of structures such as machine learning, artificial neural networks, natural language processing, genetic algorithms and fuzzy logic, which all need to be examined in detail and concentrated on their own. Let's talk a little bit about fuzzy logic from these constructs, for example. We use many intertwined verbal terms in daily life. We often use them in the decisions we make. There are verbal terms such as cold-hot, fast-slow, big-small, young-old, for which we cannot make clear points. This is where the transition to fuzzy logic is made. Fuzzy logic is a method that studies and allows us to use these verbal terms in computer systems and algorithms. This method allows us to create powerful conceptual models that can apply humanoid thinking ability to computerized systems in solving the problems we encounter in daily life. In the known classical boolean logic (0 or 1) an element is either included in a set or not. In such definite sets, the elements can only be contained in one set according to the boundaries. In this case, for example, 39.9 ° C is considered cold in a temperature control mechanism with a temperature limit of 40 ° C, while 40.1 ° C is perceived as hot.


As can be seen in the graph, these values are sharply separated from each other. In this way, a control system that heats and cools the environment according to the temperature control mechanism values creates an undesirable result such as changing the ambient temperature suddenly according to the perceived values.

artificial intelligence

At this point, in fuzzy logic, there is a weight degree of members against each value and membership functions can be formed in a nested manner as seen on the chart. The clusters formed in this way are called fuzzy clusters. In fuzzy sets, members can be found in other clusters at certain rates at the same time. In this way, systems that are more compatible with human logic and real values can be revealed. With fuzzy logic and many other subfield dynamics of artificial intelligence, many ways and methods are still being developed and implemented in order to produce more suitable models for the systems we will establish in order to produce solutions to such daily life problems, and new ones are added.


artificial intelligence


When we look at the usage areas of artificial intelligence today, we can easily say that it can be used in all areas where data is available. When we use every search engine, we encounter artificial intelligence in many areas ranging from virtual assistants on smartphones, medical images to diagnosing diseases, autonomous vehicles, chatbots with online chat systems for customer communication, and suggestions in e-commerce systems. With the innovations it has brought in business life, for example, with machine learning, the spare parts waiting time can be determined for the service points of the companies and the spare parts waiting time can be minimized, and in this way, the necessary controls for inventory optimization can be made, thus increasing customer satisfaction. With robotic systems integrated with artificial intelligence technologies, great gains can be achieved in increasing the speed and quality of production. Such acquisitions constitute only a small part of the convenience and possibilities provided by the effort of transferring human's high cognitive skills such as creativity, imagination, memory, perception and reasoning to machines.


In order to analyze the secrets of life that are unexplored and unknown and constantly preoccupied with the sense of curiosity of humanity, and to make life easier, we create structures that are more automated, are able to do well above their own processing capacity, are tired and whose performance does not decrease. These structures accelerate us, solve our unsolvable problems and turn into a great power. This cumulative power of man is progressing much faster and by multiplying his accumulation at a much higher rate with the innovations it brings, and it shows that a new horizon that is difficult to imagine, calculate and predict is very close. Although we have already entered many points in our lives, it is impossible not to see this inevitable end where an order that will be full of revolutionary innovations other than what we are accustomed to will settle by radically changing our lives. From this day on, artificial intelligence stands before us as a time machine that will go to the future and to different horizons. Although the idea of ​​traveling in time that people dream of a lot may sound like a fantastic concept, artificial intelligence looks like a train that will take us to the future. As technology advances at this pace, it is clear that this train that will go to the future will take off in a not too distant time. That's why we have to reserve our places before it's too late for this time travel and we have to be a part of this journey. Yes, this journey into the unknown may have scares. However, we must be informed in order to remove this uncertainty that can push us into fear. If we hear horror scenarios or think that they may have negative consequences, we should think about what we can do to prevent these negativities, we should work, produce and get informed. Because what should always be feared is ignorance.

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