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Claris New Licensing Programs

  • 17.08.2022

In the 2019 FileMaker Developers Conference, the company announced that it had changed its name to Claris. During the same event, we also saw presentations with the names Claris Connect and Next Gen, indicating that there will be additions to the product line with this change. With the new CEO, new names, new products and services, Apple's support for Claris has increased more than ever. The phrase "Claris, an Apple Company" is now frequently used as the company name in marketing materials.

Claris Connect, which has its roots in the Stamplay company acquired by Apple in early 2019, has been in use since 2020. In 2021, we began to receive new information about the second product we expected. Some of the buzzwords were Mongo DB, ESS+, Responsive layout. Finally, in the summer of 2022, the previewed product Claris Studio was presented to us. Both Claris Studio and Claris Connect are relatively new products compared to FileMaker Pro, which has been under development for 30 years. Claris Studio has only been offered to a limited number of customers so far.


Recently announced license programs also provide existing customers with the opportunity to use Claris Studio and Claris Connect. The Claris Platform Bundle and Claris Problem Solvers Circle (CPSC) programs, which have been announced, provide existing customers with the opportunity to experience the new products. Customers participating in the program are closely monitored, and we hold meetings where we share feedback from customers directly with the FileMaker Europe and USA offices.

In summary, here is a comparison table of the Claris Problem Solvers Circle and Claris Platform Bundle:


Claris Problem Solvers Circle Claris Platform Bundle


Site Licance

User Licance 

Claris FileMaker Pro 



Claris FileMaker Server 

Inclueded Inclueded

Claris FileMaker Go 

Inclueded Inclueded

FM Go Anonymous Users 



Claris FileMaker WebDirect 

Inclueded Inclueded

FM WebDirect Anonymous Users 

Inclueded Exclueded

Claris Studio 

Inclueded Inclueded

Claris Connect 

Inclueded Inclueded
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Claris New Licensing Programs

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